Preparing to Defend Planned Parenthood

Over 2.6 million women will be at risk of becoming pregnant without access to the doctors at Planned Parenthood that provide contraception through Medicaid. Using facts obtained from a report (PDF) by the Guttmacher institute, the non-partisan Congressional Budget Office has estimated (PDF) that the lack of funding for Planned Parenthood will cost the government about $650 million over the next ten years. Although Republicans are bent on shutting down the government if they cannot get their way, President Obama has declared he will defend our access to reproductive health services with his veto power. Planned Parenthood would lose about $390 million dollars each year of Medicaid dollars. This means people seeking services at Planned Parenthood clinics wouldn’t be able to use their Medicaid cards there at all, and would have to pay out of pocket or through private insurance–which most people can’t afford. But, Republicans say, these people could easily access reproductive services from other doctors that accept Medicaid. However, these other healthcare providers are worried that they won’t be able to keep up with the numbers of patients who need services that will be without access to Planned Parenthood’s clinics, predicting there would be a wait list for appointments two to three months long. Huffpost says,

“Eliminating federal funds for Planned Parenthood for even one year would undercut future savings from avoiding unplanned pregnancies, while depriving hundreds of thousands of low-income women of critical family planning and other women’s health services.”

Yep. Pretty much sums it up.

Planned Parenthood has an upcoming event on September 29th (that’s a Tuesday) to show your support by wearing a pink shirt, changing your profile pic to pink, or just doing whatever it is that you do all day–but IN PINK.


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