HB-2 Awaits SCOTUS Decision

No Decision on Texas Abortion Case


There has been a tense feeling in the air the past couple years in Texas. Forty-one clinics that have provided safe and practical care for Texas women–some for decades–have recently come under fire from conservative politicians who allege that these are nothing more than hazardously substandard facilities.

Since when, you ask? Well, since these politicians just up and decided to raise the standards unnecessarily high and force all the clinics to conform…or else. That was HB-2, signed by Rick Perry in 2013, which is still being contested–this time, hopefully, before the Supreme Court of the United States.

If just four of the nine judges agree to hear this case (Whole Women’s Health v. Cole), then the relief to keep clinics open in Texas will continue until the case is heard and a final decision issued. They are expected to let us all know as soon as this Friday.



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